by Jeremy O’Carroll

One of the beautiful things about working with Pellowah energy is how fluent your healing becomes.

With Pellowah, you're hands never touch the body of a 'client', so they are free to flow wherever your intuition takes them.

Sometimes they swirl in circles. Sometimes you find yourself padding the aura with one hand and massaging it with the other. Sometimes your hands are high above the body. Sometimes they hover mere centimetres from it.

You never know where the Pellowah 'gods' will lead you, but you are always taken somewhere - even if you doubt your intuitive ability.

So in many ways, Pellowah is easier to learn than, say, Reiki, because you don't need to remember any theory. All you do is call up Pellowah and let your hands move wherever they guided to.

How Pellowah Heals

Pellowah is received via the aura and works on the mind and spirit.

In this sense, healing takes place from the top down. By healing our mind and spirit (or, to be more precise, our connection to spirit), the rest of us (e.g. our physical body) typically comes into balance.

What's more, by working in this way Pellowah may also help psychological and physical conditions that are not found in any obvious part of the body (like depression or chronic fatigue).

By fixing the root psychological / spiritual cause of an issue, Pellowah creates long-lasting change. If you only treat symptoms, however, then the condition you hope to improve will generally come back in one form or another.


Super High Vibrational Healing

Pellowah energy comes to us as an exceptionally high energy vibration.

As a result, Pellowah healings can sometimes seem more subtle than other forms of healing (e.g. Reiki which tends to be rather earthy and physical).

For most people it is easier to be aware of healing that takes place on a physical level, so when our auric field and spiritual dimensions are being worked on, it sometimes requires greater energetic sensitivity.

The effectiveness of a healing session has little to do with how much the 'client' feels, however, and it regularly happens that sessions that have less 'pyrotechnics' nevertheless create incredibly powerful results.

That said, you will also give many Pellowah sessions that will 'blow you clients away'. It just depends where they are at.

The Pellowah Download

Pellowah is interesting because for sessions to be truly transformative, they need to last for 45+ minutes.

The reason for this is because Pellowah is a bit like a 'computer program' where you need to download the entire program before it can function properly. All the pieces of a Pellowah healing session are required because they all work together to give the final result.

We might also liken it to making bread but forgetting the yeast. You can put in all the other ingredients - and they may well comprise the vast majority of the total ingredients - but if you don't have any yeast, then the bread is going to fall flat.

Admittedly, even a short Pellowah session can do good work, and you'll definitely feel the energy flow; but for 'magical' results you almost always need the entire 'Pellowah download'.


Evolutionary Leaps with Pellowah

As you probably know by now, Pellowah was not originally brought in as a healing method.

Rather, it was created to help raise our consciousness.

In some ways, Pellowah is a true expression of the energy of 2012 and beyond.

It is such a high-energy vibration that by working with it (and receiving it) we can't help but be affected in a way that few - if any - other healing methods can match.

As such, it is the perfect complement to a healing method like Reiki because Reiki provides the solid, more grounded energy foundation, while Pellowah helps us take flight.

Used together, we are able to access a very large energy spectrum that is both incredible for healing and amazing for raising our consciousness to new heights.

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