by Jeremy O’Carroll

We have all heard the idea that we only use 10% (some researchers claim it is even less!) of our brain. This, most likely, is not entirely true but, even so, a good chunk of brain is definitely underutilized.

And the same when it comes to how many DNA strands we use.

Standard theory has always been that we only have 2 DNA Strands, and scientists have typically claimed that only 2-3% of our total DNA (of which the 2 strands are made up) serves a purpose, while the rest do nothing of value (these strands have been classified as 'junk DNA').

This kind of thinking has always seemed odd to me, since nature doesn't typically waste material. If it creates something then there is a purpose - it's just that we sometimes don't know yet what it is.

Interestingly, scientists have very recently begun to change their mind on DNA, as they have discovered that under certain circumstances (cell corruption etc.) the 'junk DNA' becomes useful in correcting the 'imbalance'.

As a result, these scientists now talk of 'shadow DNA' (previously classified as 'junk DNA'!) and allow for the possibility that more than 2-3% of our DNA may in fact be useful.

But what if all of our DNA is useful, it's just that we need to learn how to activate and use it?

And what if the same goes for our brain? Possibly we only use approximately 10% of it because that is all we need when operating predominantly through the filter of our rational minds.

Could it be, however, that as we learn to tap into greater human potential (extra-sensory abilities and the like) we might suddenly start to access greater and greater parts of our mind? Parts that go beyond the boundary of our rational mind?

And this is where Pellowah comes in.

Its original raison d'etre was to help raise consciousness.

That was it.

It wasn't actually invented to be used as a healing method - as brilliant a healing method as it has now become.

It was designed purely and simply to expand our awareness - to connect us more fully with the radiant being we truly are.

The Pellowah DNA Explanation

Kachina, the founder of Pellowah, asks us to imagine we are like a house with 12 rooms where only 2 of them have been wired up and have electricity flowing.

As a result, we can only experience what it is like to exist within these two rooms.

Now imagine what it would be like, however, if we could wire up all 12 rooms?

The potential for what we could experience as humans would have just gone up six-fold.

Now there is, admittedly, a small catch: while you can't get electricity into a room that has no wiring, just having the wiring by itself isn't enough. You also need to run electricity through the wires.

So Pellowah helps us with the first of these two steps: it rigs up the wiring, after which it is our job - through energy work, meditation and the like - to get the electricity flowing in these previously unused rooms.

The moment we do, we will start to access all sorts of new experiences - experiences that would remain out of reach had the wiring not been done.

Everyday Pellowah Results

In practice, although your potential for far richer experiences has increased, you will not walk out of a Pellowah course with the feeling you have suddenly shifted dimensions and the like.

Rather, you will start to notice many subtle things:

  • A Greater ability to perceive different kinds of energy
  • Greater energetic sensitivity and awareness (some people even begin to see energy)
  • Expanded intuition
  • Improved healing in the other modalities you practice
  • Greater energy and balance in everyday life
  • Greater positivity, optimism (and the like)

In time, there is every possibility that you will also experience more 'esoteric' abilities, but don't count on suddenly having out-of-body journeys and grand moments of psychic vision.

Instead, enjoy all those little things that begin to improve over time after being attuned to Pellowah energy.

That said, the ultimate aim of Pellowah is most certainly to help you access greater dimensions of your being - and I believe it can do that; but whether that happens or not, you will definitely benefit from having all of your 'rooms' wired up.

Bit by bit, you'll learn how to power these rooms to greater and greater extents and, as a result, will find yourself connecting to experiences and dimensions of your being - both great and subtle - you never knew existed.

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