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A lot of people in the alternative healing community like everything to black and white:

Western medicine is bad.

Complementary therapies are good.

But if we look more deeply, we see that Western (allopathic) medicine is excellent at some things, particularly the more mechanical ones.

So if you get hit by a car, have broken bones and are bleeding, that isn't the time to go to your Pellowah therapist.

Likewise, doctors can often perform miracles with surgery.

Where Western medicine doesn't always perform as well, however, is with medicines.

It also doesn't do as well when you can't directly pinpoint the part of the body that has a problem (like with depression, anxiety and the like).

And then there are all of the conditions Western medicine says there is no cure for, the ones it says you'll just have to learn to manage.

But what does this really mean?

All it means is that they can't find a solution with Western medical tools. It doesn't mean one doesn't exist.

Take any condition, and someone has healed from it. So it can be done. It's just finding a way.

Instead of admitting there is more to life than Western medicine understands, however, doctors very often simply put a label on the healing (like 'spontaneous remission' or 'spontaneous regression') and act as if it were a freak, random incident.

But life doesn't work like that. 

There is cause and effect.

It's just that we don't always understand what the cause and effects are.

And this is where complementary therapies often step in. They tend to look at the body holistically. 

They look at things more from a mind/body point of view.

They understand things in terms of energy.

They say that when health problems arise, there will generally be three key reasons (often as a result of a psychosomatic, i.e. mind/body cause):

1. A part of someone's body/auric field is energetically depleted.

2. A part of someone's body/auric field is energetically blocked (e.g. a chakra or meridian).

3. A part of someone's body/auric field is energetically unbalanced (e.g. an organ is no longer vibrating inside a healthy frequency range).


Of course, there is the fourth kind of issue (like a broken bone), where the root cause is something external to you. In this case, may help accelerate recovery (often working in tandem with Western medicine) by feeding the body healing energy.

Having worked as a professional Pellowah healer for close to a decade and a half, I have found that by working on energetically depleted, blocked, and unbalanced areas of the body and auric field, Pellowah can often have healing success even where Western medicine fails.

Of course, at this point, I need to make the usual disclaimer. No one – me included – can make Pellowah healing promises. 

In fact, it wouldn't matter how much experience I had of Pellowah doing wondrous things, I simply couldn't legally make any claims.

So, to be clear, I'm not making claims here (or in anything that follows), I'm just talking about my experience.

And what working with a vast variety of people has taught me that Pellowah can help a wide range of physical and emotional issues.

Or to avoid getting myself into trouble, let me say that after people learn or receive Pellowah, they often, 'coincidentally', find their physical/emotional/psychological conditions improving.

This may not have anything to do with the Pellowah, but it's enough evidence to satisfy me.

To give you a few simple examples:

  • When my daughter was little (about 3 years old), she had terrible eczema. I’d tried healing her with Reiki, but that sadly did no good. Then I tried Pellowah, and voila! The night after the session, her eczema was way better, and after a few more sessions, it disappeared for good.
  • My father had a case of chronic fatigue. He’d seen many specialists (at $400 for 10 minutes, I might add!), and they did nothing. Then I gave him a Pellowah session and his condition never came back.
  • A friend of mine was interested in getting an investment property, but had unconscious blocks stopping him doing so. He agonized about getting a property for years. Then I gave him a Pellowah session, and the next day, he took the plunge and bought a property (and no, we didn’t mention such things before or after a session).
  • Many of my students wanted to work as professional healers for years but kept putting it off. After learning Pellowah, they soon took the plunge.

Pellowah also often create surprising results in other ways. For instance, one my of students – who had never painted before – suddenly took up painting after a class and produced gallery quality works! She even went on to have her own exhibitions.

I've had other students who suddenly received entire business' downloads' during a course. They received pages of detailed notes on what they needed to do to start or build their business.

And so many other students just become crystal clear on the path they should be taking in life. Or, if they already knew what their purpose was, they felt the unconscious blocks stopping them from pursuing it disappear.

I could list such a vast variety of ways Pellowah has helped my students, and maybe they were all 'coincidences' (as I said, I'm not making any claims!). But if they are coincidences, I like them!

So if you, a friend or loved one want help with an issue, I suggest tapping in to your intuition and asking yourself whether Pellowah can help. Then, if you get a ‘yes’ be bold, jump in and take a course.

In the worst-case scenario, your issue doesn’t seem to improve, but you will no doubt get many other benefits, as well as learn how to channel energy and heal others.

The Australian Pellowah Centre Guarantee

If you are still hesitant but are tempted to do a course, then the Australian Pellowah Centre has a satisfaction guarantee (you'll find it on our course homepage). So you never need fear that you’ll get scammed!

If history is anything to go by, however, Pellowah will be one the best investments (of time and money) that you ever make.

Certainly, that has been the case for me.

It's been my beloved companion since I first learned it so many years ago, and I love it as much now as ever.

If you have any questions, just call 0417 328 457 or write to

Shine brightly.

Jeremy O'Carroll (Australian Pellowah Centre Founder)

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