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Reiki massage is popular for it’s energy healing property. It’s a holistic approach towards the healing which has managed to gain popularity for it’s capacity to improve relaxation, reduce stress and hence enhance the over all well being. If you need a reiki message in Melbourne contact at Pellowah Centre, where you will find reiki sessions customized according to each of our client’s need. Our skilled team is fervent in providing a state of balance and harmony through this technique.

What is Reiki Massage?

Reiki word is derived from combining two words Rei which means “universal” and ki meanes “life energy”. This technique is believed to be working through practitioner’s hands to the recipients by channeling the life energy. This form of massage focuses on the energy field revolving around the body, it does not include any physical touch like traditional massage.

This process helps to clear up any blockages present if any, which promotes relaxation and hence aids in stimulating the body’s natural healing process.

What happens during Reiki Massage sitting?

At Pellowah healing, we try hard to make ambience as serene and comfortable as possible for Melbourne reiki massage experience. Here are few points listed below which covers more of what you should expect during these sittings:

- In initiation, the assigned practitioner will first do one on one consultation with you which will include questions related to your health history, what are your current concerns and what brings you here for reiki massage.

- Then comes preparation phase, here you just have to lie down on massage table with full clothes on. There you might find some fragnant candles lit, soft music just to enhance the relaxation process.

- Then practitioner will start the process by keeping their hands on your head in various positions and working down to the feet.

- Most of our customers experience a sense of calm, relaxed mind during their Reiki Massage session in Melbourne.

Benefits of Reiki Massage:

1. This helps in stress reduction, calms down mind body and soul infusing deep relaxation in the body.

2. As this practice involves body field energy, by enhancing the energy flow, Reiki helps in getting rid of various body pains.

3. Not only reiki massage aids in physical pain relief but also well connects with emotional healing too. It balances the emotions, helps in relaesing negative emotions and fosters the positive thoughts.

4. By taking reiki massage method on regular basis can improve the over all health by boosting the immune system.

5. Also many clients have shared their happiness of having a great sleep quality and pattern now than before.


Why choose Pellowah Reiki massage in Melbourne?

Our practitioners in Melbourne are highly trained and experienced in the art of Reiki, ensuring that each session is both effective and deeply transformative.

Tailored care: We are bound to take a personal interest and care everytime a customer shows up. We ensure them customized healing experience in Melbourne, Victoria.

Experts: We have an array of certified expert practitioners under our belt. They are known for bringing a wealth of knowledge and proficiency in each session.

Holistic move: We don’t focus on only part of a person rather we put whole concentration on whole human covering their mind, body and soul, to promote complete healing and well being.

Calming Ambience: Our centre is crafted to give peaceful, tranquil experience where you can fully relax and rejuvenate.

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