Crystal Healing In Melbourne

All About Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is considered as an alternative medication which involves gemstones and crystals for supposed healing. Practitioners has to say that these crystal’s vibrations aligns with the body field energy which helps in promoting relaxation, stress reduction and improves over all well-being.

This practice is sought by those people who

- All are interested in knowing the alternate solution or therapy than traditional ones.

- Actually believe in that body possesses energy and has got some ability to heal itself.

- Are suffering from anxiety, stress or any kind of pain and are looking for natural approach to manage it all.

- Are open to practice holistic wellness.


A path to Crystal Healing, Chakra Healing Harmony

Greetings from Pellowah Centre Melbourne, we invite you to browse through our world of crystal healing and chakra balancing. If you are looking to begin or you are seasoned practitioner and wish to advance your knowledge. We cater a very supportive environment and expert supervision to release the power of crystals and awaken your chakras for full potential.

Crystal Healing in Melbourne

- We have an array of beautiful gemstones and crystals, each one possessing unique feature which in turn believed to promote the well being. Out of this list, choose one that resonates with your needs.

- With crystal healing in Melbourne you can uncover the hidden potetial of yours as you can amplify your intentions, hence can improve your healing journey. We offer techniques for crystal meditation and environment cleansing.

- We organize workshops and events where we address people’s questions, share experiences and help them to expand their knowledge about crystal healing.

Chakra Healing in Melbourne

- There are 7 different chakras in our body. These chakras are believed to govern the well being. With our chakra healing in Melbourne classes you can learn about the blockages and how you can get rid of these blockages in chakra to restore harmony.

- This practice assists in maintaining the balance within chakras, which in turn aids in enhancing your capability of your self awareness and intuition. You may also experience more clarity about your life and choices, you develop a strong connection with yourself.

Reason to choose Pellowah Centre

1) We follow a very holistic approach where we incorporate crystal healing and chakra healing in addition to other modalities like reiki and pellowah.

2) We cater various workshops and events to keep people glued, to make them more knowledgeable about crystal and chakra healing concepts and it can benefit them in their day to mday life.

3) Our specialized practitioners provide personalized guidance and support through out this voyage.


How to choose the best Crystal Healing among all?

Are curious about which crystal is going to resonate with your personality the most? At Pellowah Melbourne Centre, we motivate you to explore yourself. Here are few points to keep in mind:

- Intuition: Sometimes we just know that it is the one. In such case you are just simply drawn towards the crystal’s energy. With the touch only you would understand, what that crystal is brining in like is it peace or energy or calmness.

- Target your need: What are you looking for? Go with your instincts like whether you need it for stress relief, enhance creativity or boost confidence.

You can follow us for more workshop details, find the perfect program which can ignite your exploration. Our team of experts are always available to answer your queries and guide you towards the betterment of your needs. Book a consultation with us today and unleash the full potential of chakra balancing and crystal healing.

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